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CBHomeandGarden.com is a place where creativity makes you smile. Where you can learn new exciting skills, and discover new interests.  Whether you are a seasoned gardener, health nut, craft addict, or home improv pro, there are ideas here to get your hands dirty and create something beautiful. We practice live for creating a happy and enjoyable life and sharing our experience. Nothing compares to creating beauty on your own and displaying it for all to see. Life is too short for crafts and gardening to be “serious.”

Gnome mean yes!
Carol Bryant


DIY Gnome Christmas Ornaments

Cute, Fun, Creative.  The Perfect Decoration For Your Tree.


Create A Backyard Getaway

Remodel A Deck.  Build Some Shade.  Add A Kitchen.


Common Nutrient Deficiencies

Provide The Body With Essential Nutrients That Are Necessary.


Winter Home Repairs For You

Little Things To Get Done Indoors That Will Save You Money.

Home Decor

Nutrient Deficiencies

Backyard Getaway

Winter Repairs

How To Plan A Proper Garden

The process of planning a garden can feel overwhelming even to master gardeners at times. With a little creativity, some hard work, and tips like these, you’ll be able to create a proper garden plan that will yield a fantastic harvest for you.


A Beginner's Guide To Houseplants

If you are thinking about growing a houseplant or caring for one, then there are some considerations you must take into account. This guide will take you through each critical point, one by one, to ensure you have the best success.


Mums For Moms And Flower Lovers

If you love Autumn flowers, then Chrysanthemums are the bloomers that you’ll want to have in your garden. Often shortened in name to just “mums,” these flowers are unique because they can be both annuals and perennials.


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Owning a home is tough. You have constant repairs, fixes, small problems, large problems. We can help you take some of the guesswork at of your home improvement and repairs. We are always searching and sharing for new techniques, skills, and ideas to make your home an amazing one.

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Stay In Perfect Shape with our health tips.

Staying Fit Never Goes Out Of Style

Check Your Well Being At Home

Health Check

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Have A Talk With Your Doctor

Get the Facts

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Sore Throat Remedies That Work

Feeling Bad?

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Relieve The Pain Of A Sore Muscle

Muscle Pain

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Stay Warm

Keep your radiator tuned and running right for a warm winter home.


Create a decluttered home and space with valuable storage cabinets and shelves.


Repair your home on a budget with helpful tips and ideas.


Crafts and creativity relax the mind and body.


Decorate your home on a budget and make it look like a pro designed it.


Create your own crafts for your home and have something to be proud of.

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